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Maestro is a hybrid cloud management platform that provides a unified entry point to your infrastructures in public clouds and private datacenters. It enables effective management, reporting, FinOps, security compliance checks, performance insights, ML-based optimization suggestions, automation and DevOps tooling.


Single entry point and unified approach

to infrastructure management, auditing and reporting that works regardless of the cloud where the infrastructure is launched.

Centralized permission and access management

that allows you to apply corporate RBAC to the cloud infrastructures, both for using Maestro tools and management via providers’ native consoles.

Multi-dimensional FinOps controls

allows setting expenses limits, tracking the expenses, reacting on unexpected cost peaks, and optimizing the infrastructure in several clicks.

Interactive analytics dashboard

that provides actual data, trend analysis and optimization points for spendings, security, used capacities as well as allows deep dive into specific values and resources details.

Detailed reporting

that gathers the financial, security, operational details of your infrastructures, costs predictions, optimization recommendations, security finding, accompanied by the possibility to react immediately to the most important reports.

Enterprise-level security

to keep track of infrastructures compliance, vulnerabilities to attacks and security rules violations, get the remediation recommendations and quickly implement them.

Use Cases

IT Services Delivery

Problem Statement

A large organization with teams distributed among different countries in Europe, Asia and America, faced a need to arrange an effective, transparent and secure self-service for provisioning virtual resources in public clouds and private datacenters.

The aim was to get a solution that would enable centralized control over the users access and permissions, as well as centralized management, review and analysis of the infrastructures provisioned on behalf of different business units. One of the top requests was also the one for organizing costs control across all clouds.

Solution Proposed

Maestro Enterprise for Hybrid Cloud management

Achieved results

Cloud Service Reselling

Problem Statement

An internet service provider faced difficulties with selling virtual resources to end users. The existing approach was hard to use, included unclear processes and complicated tooling.

Solution Proposed

Maestro Enterprise for Cloud services reselling

Achieved results

Shared Services Platform

Problem Statement

Typically, applications have multiple components, each facing the specific requirements and tasks – in addition to the application aim itself, there are load balancing, autoscaling, CI/CD, networking, cost allocations, etc.

Businesses typically have multiple applications that need these functions. Different teams and departments typically have their own solutions, thus there can be numerous components duplicating within an enterprise scope while tracking the performance of these components is decentralized and complex.

Solution Proposed

Maestro as a platform for shared services

Achieved results

  • Unified platform for delivering necessary functionality across the business
  • Possibility to get the necessary infrastructure in a centralized way, using Maestro tools and catalogue

Why Maestro

Maestro effectively uses the possibilities offered by providers, third-party industry leaders, and its own know-hows. With its responsive UI, native mobile application, localization, and convenient in-built help, it allows you to keep in touch with your infrastructure wherever you are, and quickly react to any situation, when necessary.