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Top 5 Questions About Maestro: Automation and Multi-Partners Finance

In our previous post, we started the topic of top questions related to Maestro, which included those about Maestro as a SIAM platform and Maestro resource management approaches. In this article, we are facing another popular questions – focusing on finance and automation. 1. How would you organize the multi partner billing process? Using a SIAM framework […]

Top 5 Questions About Maestro: Service Integration and Management

New trends keep on hitting the Cloud Market, caused by both changes in infrastructure creation approaches, and enterprises’ aim to make the infrastructures more effective – in performance, and from the financial point of view. While communicating to project teams and customers, Maestro team has collected a set of typical questions, and we decided to aggregate the […]

Maestro as a Service Platform: The New View of the Enterprise Infrastructure

In the modern world, the application focused on meeting enterprise business needs are widely accompanied by additional tools and services. They are aimed to support the business applications’ performance, reliability, and security, as they enable necessary processes, such as logging, monitoring, load balancing, auto-scaling, cost allocation, etc. When a business needs a pack of applications, […]